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Hi, my name is Raven, an international high school student who plans to study graphic design in college.
In this website, you will see some of my works in my high school.

Let's tell you something about me before you swipe to the next article:
I have a bunch of interests that I can't even count them down...


SCMUNIV posters

In March 2016, our school established the fourth South China Model United Nations. It was a pleasure for me being a material designer for the second time. I designed folders and brochures in this model United Nations. (Actually I don't have time to put my folders design up here. I will find a time to...


#Science Fair 2015

In April 2015, we held the Second Science Fair in NCPA. I was the art director at that time. Those are all the banners that stood outside the classroom. In the science fair we had eight categories. I found eight pictures that demonstrate those categories as the background off my...

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October 2013, it was the first time I trying to create some posters for my house. The last two pictures are the screenshots for my first draft. At that time I only know how to use Pages to make posters, but is was functional and useful enough for me that time. 

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March 2015

My very first try on painting!

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December 2013. 

Actually I am not sure about the purpose of this painting. I just want to try different textures and patterns. Since I saw a painter in Pinterest using bright color to show the color relationship and the composition, I used his idea to create my own work also. 

Everyday a painting in 2014. 

"As long as I stop, there is no longer a road for me. "

From November 2014 to March 2015

Four months of SCMUN finally was over.

I saw hundreds of people showed certificates, notebooks and tags in there Wechat. I felt that more than 100 days of the efforts were finally paid back.

If I want to find my own shortcomings, I will try to in charge a big event...

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March 2015

Phoenix and it's Nirvana. 

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# Stamp

February 2015. 


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SCMUNIII Notebook design.



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